InterWEIGHING2013       April 22-24, 2013      Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center                              

FLOORPLAN of West Hall 1F   (Click here to 2F  |  Click here to 3F  |  Click here to East Hall)    (Move mouse pointer to "booth" to display exhibitor name)

               The height can be built: 5m | Loading capacity: 5000kg/sqm

    FLOORPLAN of West Hall 2F    |    FLOORPLAN of West Hall 3F   |   FLOORPLAN of EAST HALL
Changzhou HONGLI Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. Jiangsu HONSTA Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Guangdong HUAPU Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Jiangsu ASPIRE Weighing Instrument Co., Ltd. Shanghai YAOHUA Weighing System Co., Ltd. ZHONGHANG Electronic Measuring Instruments Co., Ltd. Tianjin HUABEI Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Baykon Endustriyel Kontrol Sistemleri San. Ve Tic. A. S. FLINTEC (Beijing) Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai YAMATO Scale Co., Ltd. Nanjing EASTHIGH Measurement Co., Ltd.Changzhou Fuyue Weight Co., Ltd.Changsha XIANGPING Science & Technology Dev. Co., Ltd. Fuzhou KEJIE Electronic Scales Co., Ltd. NAPCO Precision Instrument Ltd. Changzhou SEBRO Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. Changzhou SEBRO Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. Guangdong XIANGSHAN Weighing Apparatus Group Ltd. TSCALE Electronics Mfg. (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. B&T Weighing Systems (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Shanghai CAS Electronics Co., Ltd. Ningbo BENUI Electric Co., Ltd. Yongkang XINFENG Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Shanghai LAMBRY Electronic Co., Ltd. Shenzhen General Measure Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen YIHUAXIN Electronics Co., Ltd.· RADWAG Balances and Scales Jinan JINZHONG Electronic Scale Co., Ltd. Changzhou ACCURATE Weight Co., Ltd.Changzhou ACCURATE Weight Co., Ltd.Changzhou XINGYUN Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Changhou HENER Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. MASTER K Weighing Technologies (Chongqing) Ltd. SCAIME (Asia Pacific) Limited BRIGHT ADVANCE Corporation Shenzhen CHANGQING Instruments Co., Ltd. Dongguan YIXUE Electronic Co., Ltd. LAUMAS Elettronica s.r.l. Shanghai SOUTH-EAST Scales Co., Ltd. EXCELL Precision Co., Ltd. Changzhou YUBO Electronic Scale Co., Ltd. Zhejiang BLUEARROW Weighing Technology Co., Ltd. PHILIGS (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. Changshu GOLDENGOAT Weight Instruments Co., Ltd. Shenzhen ZHUOHE Instrument Co., Ltd. Keli Sensing Technology (Ningbo) Co.,Ltd. Chongqing DATA Technology Co., Ltd. Yongkang DAYANG Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd.