InterWEIGHING2013 April 22-24 Shanghai
  Organizer : China Weighing Instrument Association


Exhibitor Interview Summary for InterWEIGHING2013 (Part I)

RICE LAKE: An Outstanding Company
from a Small Town of the US

Rice Lake Weighing Systems is an outstanding company from the small town of Rice Lake in the US. The enterprise is named after the town. Though it comes from a little-known small town in the US, the company is a leading enterprise in the weighing instrument industry in the US. The family business was established in 1946 by the Johnson Family. John Hughes is the company’s Vice President of Business Development..

Rice Lake started as a scale service company. As the business expanded, it started to manufacture weighing apparatus independently with the featured products as the weighing indicator and truck scales. At present, it has over 500 distributors in the US and over 2,000 distributors all over the world. He said, the InterWEIGHING is excellent due to its large scale, high popularity and professional visitors. On the exhibition, he could meet distributors from all over the world, which is the biggest gain. There is no other exhibition except this one where you could meet so many customers that you want to meet at one time in one place.

He said, compared with this exhibition, the weighing apparatus exhibitions in the US are in the shade. Weighing apparatus exhibitions in the US are held every two years in a very small scale far less than one fourth of the scale of InterWEIGHING. And there are only forty to fifty exhibitors, most of which are local distributors. While the InterWEIGHING in China is different, weighing products from all over the world are displayed here. John Hughes said he likes Hangzhou in particular. He thought that China is beautiful, while Hangzhou is more beautiful. Meanwhile, he looks forward to participating in some academic exchange activities of the exhibition, because he would like to know more about the information of weighing apparatus. He also indicated that he would participate in the exhibition every year because he could meet customers he most wanted to meet here.





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