InterWEIGHING2013 April 22-24 Shanghai
  Organizer : China Weighing Instrument Association


Exhibitor Interview Summary for InterWEIGHING2013 (Part X)

Tianjin 609 Cable: Content is King

Tianjin 609 Cable Co., Ltd. is not a specialized weighing apparatus manufacturer, but as a weighing accessory manufacturer, it forged indissoluble bound with the weighing apparatus industry long ago, and has become a loyal exhibitor in the InterWEIGHING. The enterprise expands its market and promotes the corporate recognition through the exhibition. Moreover, it establishes cooperation with overseas weighing apparatus enterprises in the US, Brazil, etc.

Compared with those specially-decorated booths, booths of Tianjin 609 Cable Co., Ltd. are simple. But with superior technology and rich content, the small booths have never influenced their communication and exchange with customers, because the business is will always to come.

Tianjin 609 Cable Co., Ltd., originally the Tianjin State-run No. 609 Factory, is a state-owned big enterprise and was first established in 1943. From the first radio-frequency cable in China designed and produced by it in 1950s, the company, through the development of half a century, has become one of the largest professional electronic cable and optical cable manufacturers in China till now.

For many years, the company takes initiative to adopt advanced standards and to constantly develop new products. Since 1978, 48 products have separately won the state award for invention, the award for scientific and technological advancement, the scientific and technical award for achievements and the award for excellent new products respectively.

As early in the 1950s, the company was the first to successfully design and produce ratio-frequency cables, cable radio technology, fluoroplastic insulated cable processing technology and copper plating production technology, etc., which filled multiple blanks in the electric cable industry. The company has successively undertaken the cable supporting for the “Electron Positron Collider” Project, the “Two Bombs, One Satellite” Project, the “Shenzhou Spaceship” Project, the “Parade Equipment for 50th Anniversary National Day” Project, etc., and successively won honorary titles such as “Tianjin Famous Product”, “National First-class Metrology Unit” and “Top Ten Market Competitiveness of China” as well as the “Golden Sail Award” of Advanced Unit for Enterprise Management in Tianjin for two years in succession.

Booths of Tianjin 609 Cable Co., Ltd. are in low profile in the exhibition, but according to Zhu Zhixin, Deputy Manager and senior engineer of the enterprise, that it had no influence on the communication between them and customers, because the business would not be held back by the booths. As an enterprise with priority to the technical content, what they need to display more is new materials and technologies with high specialty. As visitors are all professional, they keep expanding the market and promoting the corporate recognition by participating in this exhibition. Materials they brought to this exhibition were all sent out within one day.





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