InterWEIGHING2013 April 22-24 Shanghai
  Organizer : China Weighing Instrument Association


Exhibitor Interview Summary for InterWEIGHING2013 (Part IX)

Hangzhou Sifang: The Strength Relies on Technology

Hangzhou Sifang Electronic Scales Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise with strong development ability. The company, based on the market demand, launches new products constantly, and wins universal praise in the industry. Depending on the excellent product quality, favorable market reputation and extraordinary technical strength, Hangzhou Sifang has already become a professional manufacturer of modern weighing apparatus with enormous potential and influence all over the country.

At present, Hangzhou Sifang has two factories, one occupying a floor area of 6,000 square meters and the other 20,000 square meters, both equipped with all-round technical talents in such fields as electronics, machinery and computer science as well as complete manufacture and test equipment. It is one of the largest manufacturers of various electronic scales and weighting indicators with the most advanced equipment and technologies in Zhejiang Province for the time being.

Mr. Yu Hehui, President of Hangzhou Sifang, used to be a college teacher. He turned into an entrepreneur from a scholar by chance and his business turned out to be successful. As an old saying goes “The writing reflects the writer”, Hangzhou Sifang containing much but revealing little, just like Yu Hehui.

Hangzhou Sifang first participated in InterWEIGHING hosted by China Weighing Instrument Association in the early 1990s. The exhibition develops from a small-size exhibition held in a hotel to an international one today, which is witnessed by the company all the way through.

Yu Hehui said, for enterprises that just start business, the China International Weighing Exhibition is a very important platform to promote the corporate recognition. He also said, with larger scale of weighing exhibition, increasing number of exhibitors, higher degree of internationalization and more popularity, it can be seen that the weighing industry gets stronger and people in this industry live a better life. However, as good and bad enterprises are intermingled in the industry, Yu Hehui hoped the sponsor could facilitate the protection and publicity on the intellectual property to purify the weighing industry and put it in a healthy and orderly development.

Speaking of the transformation from a college teacher to an entrepreneur in the weighing industry, Yu Hehui said, the college was entrusted by an enterprise to research and develop a weighing technical project, mainly data processing, which was really a piece of cake for someone majoring in communications like him because these data was much easier than that in the communication industry. It brought Yu Hehui a new opportunity. He quit the job in college without hesitation, and devoted himself to the weighing apparatus industry. Relying on his thorough knowledge in communications, he has such a successful company Hangzhou Sifang today. With solid technical strength, Hangzhou Sifang is getting stronger and larger. The factories expanded. It used to have only one factory before, and now it has two factories. The area of the new factory is several times larger than the former factory, which shows the strength of Hangzhou Sifang in the weighing  industry.





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