FLOOR PLAN    InterWeighing2018    Wuhan International Expo Center A1, A2 halls    April 18-20, 2018

Changzhou HONGLI Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. TSCALE Electronics Mfg. (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Ningbo KANGQUANLI Technology Co., Ltd. Tianjin D&T Transducer Technology Co., Ltd. Aerospace South- Ocean (Zhejiang) Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Changzhou CHENGBEI Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. SARTORIUS Industrial Weighing Equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Ningbo ETDZ HANSEN Measurement Co., Ltd. KELI Sensing Technology (Ningbo) Co.,Ltd. Shanghai CAS Electronics Co., Ltd. Tianjin D&T Transducer Technology Co., Ltd. Changzhou ACCURATE Weight Co., Ltd. Xiamen BAANCE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong SENSSUN Weighing Apparatus Group Ltd. Changzhou ZHONGHENG Weighing System Co., Ltd. Changzhou CHENGBEI Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Changzhou ACCURATE Weight Co., Ltd. METTLER TOLEDO Jiangxi ZONJLI High-Tech Co., Ltd. Shanghai DAHUA ZHIMEI Electronic Co., Ltd. Shanghai DAHUA Electronic Scale Co., Ltd. Changzhou FUYUE Weight Co., Ltd. Liaoning XUYA Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Tianjin HUABEI Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. ANYLOAD YOUNGZON Transducer (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Xiamen Loadcell Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai DUNKE Scales Co., Ltd. Chengdu PRIS Electronic Co., Ltd. SHANGDELI Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. Xiemen PINNACLE Electrical Co., Ltd. Shanghai CAISUN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Fuzhou FURI Electronics Co., Ltd. Shanghai EXCELL M&E Enterprises Co., Ltd. Changshu G&G Measurement Plant Ningbo Precision Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang CONQUEROR Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Yongkang NAZHIDA Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. CHIPSEA Technologies (Shengzhen) Co., Ltd. Zhejiang BLUEARROW Weighing Technology Co., Ltd. Chongqing DATA Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen HAND-HITECH Net Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo ZHONGPENG Electric Co., Ltd. Xiamen SUN-RAY Software Co., Ltd. Shanghai ZHONGFEI Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. Jiangxi DHH Metering Equipment Co., Ltd. Hangzhou EVERIGHT Electronic Co., Ltd. Suzhou PEKE Lab Instrument & Technology Co., Ltd. Zhongshan WHITE BIRD Electronic Co., Ltd. WANT Balance Instrument Co., Ltd. Yongkang WUXIN Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Yongkang WUXIN Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Shanghai SUNNY HENGPING Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. Guangzhou WEIPU Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Fuzhou HAICHUAN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Changzhou KEYUAN Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. Shanghai HANDFREE Mechatronic Co., Ltd. Henan JINMAI Technology Development Co., Ltd. Penglai SHUILING Counterweight Factory Nanjing TOMS Weighing Instrument Co., Ltd. Hangzhou WANZHUN Weighing Instrument Co., Ltd. Yantai JUNJIE Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Shenzhen SINXIN Information Technology Co., Ltd. Zaoyang XINGSIFANG Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Fuzhou FURI Weighing Electronics Co., Ltd. Hangzhou FUDING Weighing Instrument Co., Ltd. Yuyao JINNUO Balance Instruments Co., Ltd. Jimo DAYANG Metal Products Co., Ltd. Fujian Putian HENGLI Sensor Co., Ltd. Changzhou PILOT Scale Co., Ltd. Tangshan JINBO Weight Co., Ltd. Xinxiang JINHONG Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhuhai LONGTEC Co., Ltd. Cixi YUNHONG Electron Science Co., Ltd. Fuzhou QIRI Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Nanjing BONITA Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. MARQUES Electronic Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. SHIMADZU (China) Co., Ltd. Cixi XIAOLIN CHUANGXIANG Electronics Factory Zhongshan OPPEL Electronic Co., Ltd. Wuhan LIUSHUN Standard Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Xuzhou YAOHENG Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Yongkang ZHENGYA Weighing Apparatus Factory Shenzhen CHANGQING Instruments Co., Ltd. Wuyi JINYU Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Ningbo AUXIANG Scale Co., Ltd. Fuzhou HUAKE Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd. Yuyao Sensor Factory Co., Ltd. Yongkang HANMING Sensor Factory Hebei ZHONGNUO Lifting Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. Hanzhong QUANYUAN Electronic Co., Ltd. Changzhou FIRST Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. Beijing Star Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. Changzhou  WUJIN Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd.
ADAM Equipment Co., Ltd. DINI ARGEOJiangsu Institute of Metrology LAUMAS ELETTRONICA S.R.L NMO£¬Regulatory Delivery, BEIS HOTTINGER BALDWIN Measurement (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Shandong JINZHONG Electronic Group Zhongshan HENGXIN Electronic Co., Ltd. Xiamen RONGTA Technology Co., Ltd. Bilanciai Campogalliano Soc. Coop. National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Weighing Instrument Products(Shandong) Rice Lake Weighing Systems
Guangzhou Electrical Measuring Instruments Factory Changzhou YUBO Electronic Scale Co., Ltd. Guangdong SouthChinaSea Electronic Measuring Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong HUAPU Electical Apparatus Group Co., Ltd. Changzhou LILANG Electronic Co., Ltd. Changsha SUPMETER Technological Co., Ltd. Wuyi DAHE Electronic Co., Ltd. Yongkang DAYANG Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Changzhou CHANGRONG Electronic Co., Ltd. Changhou HENER Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. Fuzhou HUAZHI Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. Yongkang YONGZHOU Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Shanghai PUCHUN Measure Instrument Co., Ltd. Tangshan ZHENGXING Electronic Scale Co., Ltd. Shenzhen SHENGWANJIANG Transducer Technology Co., Ltd. Cangzhou KINGTYPE Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Zhejiang YUYANG Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Zhejiang JUNKAISHUN Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd. Hangzhou HENGTIAN Electronic Co., Ltd. Yongkang HUAYING Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Shanghai PUCHUN Measure Instrument Co., Ltd. Fuzhou KERNDY Electronics Co., Ltd. Shanghai BAIYING Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Xiamen JADEVER Scale Co., Ltd. HOPE Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. OHAUS International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Yongkang JIELI Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Yongkang ZHUJIANG Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Changzhou XUDONG Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Nanjing NINGLI Machinery Factory Yongkang YIDONG Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. RUIMA Electric Manufacturing (Fujian) Co., Ltd. Shanghai YAOHUA Weighing System Co., Ltd. ZHONGHANG Electronic Measuring Instruments Co., Ltd. Zhejiang YUQUAN Electronic Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. A&D (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Zhongshan KAYHEN Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Hangzhou WANTAI Weighing Systems Co., Ltd. Qingdao XURI Weight Co., Ltd. Shenzhen BOTOO Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang XINGHENG Electronic Co., Ltd. Cixi HUAXU Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Zhejiang HAOYU Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. Yongkang CHAOZHONG Electronics Co., Ltd. Yongkang XINGGETE Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Hangzhou HEAVYE Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai YUEPING Scientific Instrument (Suzhou) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Shanghai GUANGZHENG Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Real Weighing Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong JINFENGLIN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Big Dipper Scale Co., Ltd. CANNY Industrial Limited Chengde ZHONGRUI Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. AMETEK Specialty Metal Products Division, HAMILTON Precision Metals Liaocheng CHANGXIN Electronics Co., Ltd.Fuzhou VIPOO Software Technology Co., Ltd.Kunshan LIGHTEVER Electronic Scale Co., Ltd.Shanghai LAMBRY Electronic Co., Ltd. Suzhou SAIAO Instrument Meter Co., Ltd. Dongguan MINGLI Electronics Co., Ltd. NAPCO Precision Instrument Ltd. GSS Scale (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Zhejiang HUANGYAN Testing Instrument Factory Guangzhou YUZHI Instrument Co., Ltd. Chongqing Weighing Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou YONGTAI Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd. Yangzhou YINGHAO Scale Co., Ltd. Ningbo ETERNAL Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. KAIFENG Group Co., Ltd. Chengde GROWFULL Instrument Co., Ltd. Beijing TRUE-TEC Co., Ltd. Dongguan ZHIHENG Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Yuyao BEIQI Measurement Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. MASTER K Asia Pacific Ltd. Shanxi LITRY Automated Technology Co., Ltd. Changshu QINGHUA Electronics Co., Ltd. Yuncheng LUYUE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing RONGDA Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai QUEENHAN Scales Co., Ltd. Dongguan MINGHENG Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. HUIDE Level Instrument Co., Ltd. Putian HUAJIE Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. Qinhuangdao NOVA Electronic Co., Ltd. NOVO (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Fuzhou HENGZHAN Electronic Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou HANZHIXIN Trade Co., Ltd. Zhongshan HUIBAO Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Bengbu SUNMOON Instrument Research Institute Co., Ltd. Hangzhou HUAZHUN Weighing Technology Co., Ltd. Wuhan ZHONGHENG BROADRAN Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo ZHONGBO Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. Dongxing RENHE Scale Co., Ltd. Xiamen JIJING Electronics Co., Ltd. Zhejiang WELLDONE Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Fujian Quanzhou HUAZHAN M&E Co., Ltd. Ruijin Forever Scales Co., Ltd. Yongkang BEICHEN Trade Co., Ltd. Shenzhen FAYA Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Yixing Battery Co., Ltd. Zhuji CHAOZE Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. BEL Engineering
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Hall A1, A2, A3 height: 17.5m
Jointing hall height: 11.5m
Loading capacity: 3000kg/sqm